About the Band:

Patrick Carrico is a singer/songwriter born and raised in southern California. A veteran musician of over 15 years, he has infused all of life's experiences into his own take on Americana, Rock n' Roll, Blues & Country Music. "Carrico evokes the essence of the deep south blending it with a little rockabilly" -Lynn Lieu of Inland Empire Weekly

Having released his debut EP, you can find Patrick playing shows with his newly formed band of "Proper Villains" around So Cal promoting the 2012 release.

"I hope to get the music in the hands of all our fans and let them know that we are truly grateful for all the support and love" -Patrick Carrico


Paul Morquecho was born in Ft. Worth, Texas. He grew up in an era without seat belts and kid car seats and listened to contemporary country music blasting from his parents Cadillac. His music tastes expanded to R&B, Soul, Disco and Funk when his parents moved the family to El Monte, CA. in the late 70’s.

As the 80’s came around his mom Josephine had taught herself to play guitar inspired Paul to play at 13. Self taught and armed with inspirational lyrics from Billy Joel and Elton John, Paul began writing his own songs that had meaning or a story behind it.

Paul played in many bands in the 90’s doing covers and originals. In 2009 he discovered the Band J.U.I.C.E (JOIN US IN CREATING ENTHUSIASM).

His rhythmic journey culminated in the meeting of Patrick Carrico in 2011. Paul added his mix of groovy, poppy bass lines to cradle Patrick’s genuine melodies and fun, witty and sometimes haunting lyrics. Now nicknamed “Mojo” he looks to a great future being part of the ‘Patrick Carrico Band”.


Cila Adams hails from the beautiful country of New Zealand, and comes from a rich musical heritage. Cila's parents, from the islands of Samoa, were influenced by the sounds of the islands and amazingly, classic country music. They passed their love of music and singing to their kids, raising a family of musicians and singers who sang in church choirs.

Cila's father is very a passionate singer/guitar player. "'Songs must be sung with emotion. Otherwise it is just noise', he would tell me. But, I was still extremely shy to embrace such emotion in songs. In the back of my mind, I had always wanted to be in a band but, was too shy to venture out and look". Cila met Paul Morquecho and with her brother formed her first band: J.U.I.C.E. There was no time to be shy. In J.U.I.C.E., Cila learned to become a performer.

It was through Paul Morquecho that Cila met Patrick Carrico. Thus began a whole new experience of joining a band with more country flare. "I love the style and taste of this band, it's got an awesome rockin'-country-swampy-bluesy-kickin vibe to it with a touch of gypsy".


Chris Butterworth has been playing the guitar since the age of 9. Being interested in an early age has helped him successfully wiggle his way into working with guitars as a career and life long passion. After playing in a number of semi-professional bands, including LA's own "Hi-Def", Chris took some time off to focus on the guitar as it works mechanically. Now a professional luthier and certified stringed instrument repairman, he is excited to be "back in the saddle again" and playing live with the P.C.B as a "Proper Villain".